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David Finch 

Leader of Essex County Council


Why we are asking residents to pay a bit more in tax

Many of you will have heard this week that Essex County Council is proposing to end the five year freeze in council tax.

Letter to the Prime Minister

This week, I wrote a polite letter to the Prime Minister. I thought I would share the final paragraph with you.

All in this together

We’re all in this together. That has been the Chancellor George Osborne’s mantra since assuming office in 2010.

In memory of the Paris attack victims

Guest blog by Norman Hume, Chairman of Essex County Council

Like many of you I watched in shock and with a rising sense of disbelief as the full horror of what happened in Paris unfolded on Friday night and over the weekend. 

Localism is practice

When the clocks went back last week, the lights stayed on in Harlow. I reached a deal with the Leader of Harlow, Jon Clempner that will see the lights in Harlow turned back on all night for at least four years.

A big week for Essex

They say a week is a long time in politics.  And if this week is anything to go by they’re certainly right!
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