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David Finch 

Leader of Essex County Council


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A blueprint to help ECC reach its goals by 2021

A masterplan that will be the cornerstone of everything Essex County Council does over the next four years was approved at Full Council recently.

The Organisation Strategy is a blueprint that will help us reach our goals by 2021 as we strive to become the nation’s best local authority and a bastion of digital excellence, which is exactly what the people of Essex deserve.

The plan is underpinned by four key principles: Enabling inclusive economic growth; helping people to get the best start and age well; creating great places to grow up, live and work; and transforming the council to achieve more with less

As I’ve said before, the county of Essex is changing rapidly, therefore so to must the organisation that serves it.

We have a myriad of challenges to overcome in Essex, all of which cannot be solved on a short term basis. In Essex, we spend more than £1 million a day on adult social care and our older population is growing rapidly, therefore we are moving towards a focus on early intervention and prevention rather than simply dealing with social care problems when they arise. On top of that we are dealing with constrained resources and developing new communities to address the housing shortage.

This strategy provides the long-term vision and direction we need to tackle these challenges head-on.

Read our Organisation Strategy for more on the four principles and how they relate to our work.

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